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The Reluctant Alpinist is me, Jazmine Kohl, a designer in San Francisco most days, who would prefer to wake up in the mountains by weeks-end. The Reluctant Alpinist is a collection of photos and stories from my micro-adventures in the Sierra Nevada and other wild places. When not sipping coffee, nibbling on cookies, and admiring puppies in San Francisco, I spend my time skiing, climbing, and hiking in and around the Tahoe Basin and the High Sierra.


I was affectionally awarded the title of "The Reluctant Alpinist" when my boyfriend-turned-fiancé, Kyle, caught me quivering on some remote, wind-blasted, and exposed piece of rock mumbling about the need for a "lifestyle change."


Sometimes staying motivated to get to the top takes more than I think I can give, but somehow, I always find myself coming back for more.

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