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British Columbia

Our second annual trip to British Columbia proved to be even more exciting than the last. We tested our backcountry skills on some pretty big days in the Pemberton backcountry and found ourselves some pristine lines and epic views all around us.

Mt Rohr

A hefty warm up, learning how to navigate the dense forest in beautiful bc. The day began at a brisk one degree fahrenheit temperature at the car. Let's just say it didn't get much warmer as we went up in elevation.

Mt Taylor

Started off our day navigating a steep icy skin track through some really dense skinny trees. I never thought I would feel claustrophobic in a forest, leave it to bc to test your will to find the sun. Eventually we popped out above the treeline to a view of a beautiful view of Mt Taylor and a perfect line of pillows below.

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

We saved the most beautiful (although they all were) day for last. Passing three frozen lakes surrounded by rocky peaks encrusted in glaciers. We were rewarded with a view into the deep bc wilderness at the saddle of Tszil Mountain.


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