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Fountain of Youth

There was nothing reluctant about our day hike to the Fountain of Youth last weekend. Just a quick 9 miles out, 9 miles back on one of the longest days of the year to pond skim in Desolation Wilderness. I gotta say, nothing makes you feel cooler than skiing across an icy blue glacial lake with Coors Banquet in hand.

The walk back was quite comical with all of the casual day hikers gawking at us with the utmost confusion as to why we had skis on our back. Towards the end, our conversations were expertly rehearsed and we each had our script down. It went a little something like this...

Hikers: [confused look] "Where did you find snow?"

Kyle: "Just past Lake Aloha, did some pond skimming at the fountain of youth."

Me: "Let's just say it was a lonnnnng hike, and a short ski"

Hikers: [still confused, sympathetic chuckle]

Blake: "You guys have a good one!"


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